McPhillips (Wellington) Limited employs approximately 250 people from its local community with 92% of employees living within 20 miles of its Telford offices. The Company hasn’t forgotten its family origins, which provides a culture of teamwork from the top down. 

The Company has always chosen to operate a strategy of direct employment with an in-house workforce of highly trained, skilled and experienced individuals and believes that this provides greater control over resourcing, workmanship, cost and health and safety. It means McPhillips’ personnel  genuinely care about client satisfaction, are more accountable, and ultimately provide a better service.
McPhillips’ projects benefit from increased levels of staffing continuity which has a positive impact on outcomes and customer satisfaction.
The strategy enables the Company to invest in its resources and individuals are encouraged and empowered to achieve and develop, McPhillips is committed to professional development and operates its own bespoke Training Centre and CITB Training Plan which provides in excess of 1000 training days annually. The rewards of this are a motivated and highly skilled workforce with retention levels far in excess of construction industry averages.
McPhillips employs over forty construction professional staff, all with multiple years experience and appropriate professional qualifications, who are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and quality and upholding the reputation of both McPhillips and our customers.
The Company is proud of its people and encourages the next generation of entrants to the construction industry through the McPhillips Apprenticeship Scheme. Please click the link for further details on Apprentices.
McPhillips endorses and operates an Equal Opportunities Policy.