Muller Dairies





Client: Muller Dairies

Value: £7,000,000

Programme: Various

Completion Date: Various

McPhillips has enjoyed providing a long standing construction service to Muller Dairies undertaking ten schemes to a combined value of £7m over the last ten years including:

  • Construction of a mezzanine floor over an existing dairy product production plant
  • Construction of a new 20m high 1200m2 two storey bottling plant
  • Construction of a 12m high anaerobic digester for dairy waste
  • Construction of an elevated walkway to link two existing production buildings
  • Construction of a 2000m2 reinforced concrete lorry park
  • Creation of expansion joints in the floor of an existing dairy production building
  • Extension to an existing car park
  • Construction of reinforced concrete bases for sugar storage silos
  • Drainage infrastructure improvements
These works were all undertaken in a live food production environment and some involved working immediately adjacent to production areas. As a result considerations included encapsulation of the working areas and creation of negative pressure working environments to prevent contamination from airborne pollutants, dust, debris and liquids. use of working methods and selection of equipment to eliminate disruption to food production e.g. dust, noise, vibration etc. segregation and phasing of the works and construction traffic movements to minimise disruption to production operations and to ensure the health & safety of Muller staff. Along with managing process subcontractors and integrating respective teams.