Bridgewater Canal Lock Refurbishment






Client: Manchester Ship Canal Company

Value: £650,000

Programme:  14 weeks

Completion Date: March 2009

This project was for the installation of two pairs of emergency lock gates in a section of the Bridgewater Canal. Traditionally made of solid oak these enable the canal operators to close off sections of the canal in the event of a breach of the waterway. As part of the works we also remediated a section of the canal by dredging and sheet piling over 300m of the bank, the recovered material is being recycled and re-used by the client on a future project. We were able to maintain pedestrian and traffic access throughout the project.

We delivered a cost saving of approximately £70,000 to our client through innovative value engineering of the piling design and layout. We also provided a low cost solution to the issue of vehicular access by using stone filled bags placed in the canal as a temporary crossing.