Whitburn Street Improvements






Client: Shropshire Council

Value: £360,000

Programme: 15 weeks

Completion Date: November 2010

McPhillips was the Principal Contractor on this public realm and highway improvement scheme working in High Town, Bridgnorth on an NEC option B contract.

Bridgnorth attracts many visitors and in order to reduce disruption McPhillips’ workforce worked flexibly around the opening hours of the local establishments. In consultation they started earlier or finished later so that we were not working directly outside premises during their trading times. Special local events were discussed during stakeholder meetings and our works were planned around these so they were not disrupted through traffic or pedestrian congestion, noise, dust or vibration. Separate areas were created for cutting activities away from the public and were hoarded to prevent dust pollution.  McPhillips' equipment is fitted with dust suppressant water sprays.

Activities included the removal of existing surfaces and laying of 1600m of blue brick paving in footpaths along both sides of Whitburn Street and the High Street.  McPhillips realigned 200m of carriageway in Whitburn Street and replaced 400m of kerbs in order to widen the existing footpaths and renewed the surfacing on a 100m stretch of the High Street. This involved planing and relaying 1800m of HRA carriageway resurfacing with the High Street sections of this undertaken overnight. Carriageway drainage improvements involved laying 400m of sewers with 52 gullies. The activities also included installation of new street lighting, signage and street furniture.