Lawley Village, Telford






Client: Ironstone Developer Group

Value: £2,490,000

Programme: 52 weeks

Completion Date: Ongoing

McPhillips has, to date, completed two phases of the infrastructure works for the new Lawley Village residential development in Telford. The activities included earthworks, roads and sewers infrastructure and groundworks for a major new development providing over 3000 new homes in Telford.

Earthworks re-profiling amounted to 19,000m3 of re-usable material and treatment of 2000m3 of Knotweed.
Phase 2 involved 1200m of new 6.25m wide estate roads and 3000m of drainage ranging between 150mm-750mm along with groundworks for 66 housing plots.
Phase 4 was for 3000m2 of estate road, and 1050m of 150mm-450mm drainage.
McPhillips also constructed new traffic light controlled access from Lawley Drive onto the development.