Mill Lane Flood Alleviation






Client: Warwick District Council

Value: £1,024,000

Programme: 23 weeks

Completion Date: May 2014

This Warwick District Council and Environment Agency funded project was for the alleviation of flooding risk from the Mill Lane area of Cubbington, near Leamington Spa by diverting flood water underneath farmland around the village.

McPhillips carried out the design and construction of approximately 1km of surface water drains, between 750mm and 1200mm in diameter with 230m of this being 1200mm concrete pipes open faced jacked at depths up to 13m.
9 reinforced concrete manholes were constructed again up to 13m depth and 2 concrete structures were required for inlet and outfall into Pingle Brook.
The tunnelling design became complicated by the unexpected presence of a badger sett and had to be realigned to avoid disturbing this. McPhillips’ site team liaised closely with and maintained good relations with the tenant farmers at all times.